The problem of Vanta

The price, and the feature bloat.

You don’t need the Rolls Royce of GDPR (yet)

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Vanta users say...

Learning Curve: If you are not familiar with security frameworks, then you will have a steep learning curve. For those new to it, it is advisable to work with a consultant who has prior experience with Vanta.

This initial hurdle can be a bit of a challenge. However, it will take 1 month of part-time work to figure things out.

Dimitris A.
Co-founder & CTOSmall-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

I do not know how to efficiently triage the information I get from Vanta notifications. I get a lot of notifications about failing automated tests in my email and in my Slack.

I get a lot of notifications about failing automated tests in my email and in my Slack. I get "alarm fatigue" and end up ignoring most of the notifications.

Evan M.
Software EngineerMusic, 11-50 employees

As Vanta has grown over the past few years, they are now launching more add-on features for additional $$.
This feels like we're slowly getting less and less value for what is already an expensive tool. Our success check-ins feel more like a sales pitch than a useful meeting.

I enjoy Vanta but hope this doesn't continue to make the product more complex to navigate.

Verified User Information Technology and Services
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

The value is real

Affordable pricing $42 / month $7,500 a year
Free trial
Designed and built for start ups
Cookie consent tool Free
Self serve
Free trial
Up to 5 Companies included
Ease of use for compliance newbies

Save big with ComplyDog

ComplyDog gives you everything you need to get your GDPR compliance systems up and running

without the enterprise pricing

GDPR Framework

$7500 per year

($625 per month)

  • Cookie Consent Widget
  • Data Subject Request tool
  • Manage & add subprocessors
  • Security checklist
  • Incident management

Why choose ComplyDog instead of Vanta

ComplyDog is made to tackle the issues with options like Vanta. Our tool is easy to use without skimping on customization or features.

Plus, we've got your back with real support, no upselling pressure, and let's not forget, ComplyDog is easy on the wallet.

ComplyDog GDPR

Unmatched user-friendly experience.

While ComplyDog isn’t set and forget (no GDPR solution can be) we give you a seamless, intuitive dashboard, simplifying the website compliance uptime for your business. A monthly check up and you’re good to go…

ComplyDog GDPR

Stay on top of GDPR with our checklist

Easily manage your to-do tasks in our compliance checklist, handle data subject requests, and keep track of your sub-processors all in one convenient place.

ComplyDog GDPR

Straightforward compliance process

ComplyDog leads software companies to GDPR compliance through a user-friendly onboarding flow. Just input your company URL, and ComplyDog will scan your website, adding any discovered sub-processors.

Automation streamlines the setup process, making it easy for both newcomers and seasoned professionals to achieve compliance with our detailed platform.

ComplyDog GDPR

Incident management

Our incident processing is efficient, enabling quick reporting and updates to minimize disruptions in your daily operations. Real-time updates and instant synchronization with your personalized GDPR portal keep stakeholders in the loop, fostering trust and transparency.

ComplyDog GDPR

Cookie Consent made easy

No matter which GDPR compliance tool you go for, you can always take advantage of ComplyDog's complimentary cookie consent tool

It’s on the house.

install in 1 minute
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It’s time to stop stressing over GDPR compliance!

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