The problem of OneTrust

OneTrust is great for advanced compliance solutions, but it falls short in several key areas.

High pricing

Customers struggle to justify OneTrust's high price, which may not align with the budgets of smaller software businesses.

Complex interface

Users talk about OneTrust's complex interface. Onboarding setup can be challenging for people new to compliance.

Customer support

Customer support has been another area of dissatisfaction, with reports of delayed responses.

The ComplyDog alternative

For usability, cost-effectiveness, and responsive support, you can rely on ComplyDog.

OneTrust Reviews

Pros: Honestly, I thought that OneTrust is probably a tool for more big business and a dedicated team of data compliance people, data compliance team. It seems very thorough in a way.

Cons: It's very complicated, that it's not for a person who doesn't have a tech background and who's not experienced in data compliance and data mapping and privacy policy creations.

Sasha Z. Senior Growth Manager

Pros: Perfect to run a Data Privacy programme even in large organizations. It allows you to easily keep track of all different aspects. Colleagues in other Privacy-related teams also use it to track consumers' consent

Cons: The OneTrust interface could be improved for an easier user experience.

Claudia M. GDPR Advisor

Pros: OneTrust is a very complete platform for managing risk, compliance, privacy and other important roles inside the company.

Cons: It is also difficult to perform tasks such as cookies scanning and the translations of the tenent is not automatic.

Ronald M. Security Analyst

Affordable pricing $42 / month $2250 / month
Clean UI
Designed and built for start ups
Cookie consent tool Free $45 a month
Self serve free trial
Easy onboarding
Scan site for subprocessors
Sign DPA’s with Docusign or Dropbox Sign

Save big with ComplyDog

ComplyDog gives you everything you need to get your GDPR compliance systems up and running

without the enterprise pricing

Buy all these tools to get the same functions as Comply Dog

Cookie consent widget


PIA and DPIA automation


$2295per month

  • Cookie Consent Widget
  • Data Subject Request tool
  • Manage & add subprocessors
  • Security checklist
  • Incident management

Why ComplyDog is the best alternative to OneTrust

ComplyDog has been designed to address the drawbacks of solutions like OneTrust. Our service is far simpler to use, but you don’t have to compromise on customization or functionality.

Plus, we offer a cleaner user interface, superior support, and a more affordable price point. What more could you ask for in an alternative to OneTrust?

Comply Dog GDPR
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Unparalleled ease of use

ComplyDog presents a stark contrast to OneTrust's more complex and clunky interface. We provide a seamless, intuitive dashboard, simplifying the website compliance uptime for your business.

Comply Dog GDPR

Compliance checklist

Effortlessly keep track of your to-do tasks in the compliance checklist, receive and action data subject requests, and record your sub processors in one place.

Comply Dog GDPR

Simple compliance workflow

ComplyDog guides software companies to GDPR compliance with an intuitive onboarding flow. Enter your company URL and ComplyDog will scan your website and add any sub processors found.

Automation makes light work of getting set up correctly. Our detailed compliance platform makes compliance a breeze for both those new and experienced in this field.

Comply Dog GDPR

Built-in incident management

Our incident processing is streamlined, allowing for rapid reporting and updating. This ensures minimal disruption to day to day operations. Real-time updates and instant synchronization with your branded GDPR portal keep stakeholders informed, building trust and transparency.

Comply Dog GDPR

Cookie consent solution

ComplyDog's free cookie consent tool is something OneTrust wants customers to pay $45 a month for.

That’s more than ComplyDog’s whole GDPR compliance solution combined!

Use our cookie consent banner even if you don’t run our GDPR compliance solution.

It’s on the house.

install in 1 minute
Comply Dog GDPR

It’s time to stop stressing over GDPR compliance!

So, what are you waiting for? Discover firsthand what separates our service from the rest by getting started with a 14-day free trial today, no credit card needed.